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This exquisite short film give you a glimpse into the mind of motorcycle engineer, Shinya Kimura. Directed by Henrik Hansen, you can almost smell the shop as Kimura creates his custom bikes. Combining the old with the new, using vintage parts and handmande originals, his work has come to be known as "rolling works of art".

La guerre des Post-it (the Post-it Wars) is a battle for the most creative, most ridiculous, most involved pixelated image made entirely out of Post-its. The competition began just east of Paris, with office buildings covered in paper masterpieces. Leaving us to believe, that when it comes to office fun, The French know what’s up. Now, excuse us. We’ve got empty windows to tend to. 

So, this guy taped some lettuce together, punched holes in it, and made music. Next time you’re cleaning out your fridge, think twice. Last week’s Romaine could become this week’s opus. 

Check him out, with his lettuce, playing Radiohead “Paranoid Android”.

For the love of Legos...and each other. This is the story of Nealey and Walter’s engagement. Made by Firepit Pictures, it sure is one uniquely adorable proposal. 

Song - “Don’t Wait Too Long” by Madeleine Peyroux

Mind = blown. Bruno Zamborlin’s Mogees (short for “mosaicing gestural surface”) turns ordinary objects into music. Using contact microphones,  any surface can be changed into an interactive board to trigger audio samples. By recording variations in touch, different gestures become different sounds. You have to see it to believe it.

Wait, you mean we can make our own beats while waiting in line for tacos? Sold!

Figure is a fantastic new app with drums, bass, and synthesizers. Controlled by touch and powered by Reason, you don't have to be a pro musician to create killer tracks. Simply drag your finger across the pad to play bass and lead, and add rhythm by tapping the columns. Totally fun and fully addicting.

See for yourself...

Thanks to the boys at Drip Cult for the flattering review! Give them a follow for all things cool in men's fashion & lifestyle! Read what they have to say about some of your favorite iPhone cases here.

CaseAHOLIC covers the best in tech accessories, and they had some great things to say about Pulse for iPhone 4/4S! Click here to get the whole story. 

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