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Pulling out a clunky piece of plastic from a designer clutch is the quickest way to ruin a red carpet moment. So, we've paired our favorite looks with a few pose-worthy cases. Which Golden Globe Phone do you think is best? Vote now! 


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain | Calvin Klein | SlimShield Brook iPhone 5 | Photo Credit: Glamour

Fall Into Florals

 Vintage Floral for iPhone 5 is now available!

Get the Look:

This year, we celebrated Fashion Week on both coasts - supporting Project Runway's Korto Momulo in New York and Fashion's Night Out in West Hollywood, CA! Here's a little recap of all the fun...


Sam Graham Interior Desginer - Los Angeles, CA

Sam wears Lux "Turquoise is my favorite color and I love hints of gold in everything. I love the zigzag pattern!"

Personal Style Comfortable chic

Currently Listening to Gotye, Radiohead "The Bends", & Adele "21"

Favorite Food Burritos


Lori Leib Creative Director for Bodyography Professional Cosmetics - Los Angeles, CA via South Africa

Lori wears Chevron Mint I love it because it's the color of my new spring nail polish 

Personal Style I'm a jeans & t-shirt with blazer kind of girl 

Currently Listening to Florence and The Machine "Over and Over"

Ok, now we want to pack it all up and move to wide open spaces. Who’s with us? This barn was moved from Canada to Connecticut, where it was repurposed into a rustic modern living space. Wide plank wood floors and exposed beam ceilings make this home extra cozy. Take a look around...

John Garcia Freelance Journalist - Denver, CO

John wears SlimShield Limited Zoo "It's quirky. I like versatility in cases. Animals go with everything."

Personal Style Atypical, yet Mom approved

Currently Listening to Wilco, Public Enemy, Little Red

RoomRoom by Takeshi Hosaka architects, was designed for a deaf couple and their children. The addition to their main house, allows the family to communicate through the walls, roof, and floors. They remain visually connected throughout the house by 200 mm squares. The little ones can get their parents attention by dropping toys through the holes, or use sign language between the walls. Great design keeping a family connected. Now that’s magic...and a lot of window washing.  

Arian Soheili Mechanical Engineer/Musician - Los Angeles, CA

Arian wears SlimShield Limited Powerlines "I like the silhouette. The graphic isn't too literal."

Personal Style Post hardcore, a grown up punk rocker

Currently Listening to "Hideout" by Film School (Funny, because Arian makes films)

Favorite Food Pizza and PBR, or Pho

Jonathon Kemnitzer of Kem Studio in Kansas City, MO, has brought the street to your seat with Skate Bench No. 1. You don’t have to be “Skate or Die” to appreciate the gritty sophistication of board meets design. It makes us want to start sleeping in a race car bed, install a basketball hoop in the living room, and dance on a giant keyboard a la Tom Hanks in “Big”.

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