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Arian Soheili Mechanical Engineer/Musician - Los Angeles, CA

Arian wears SlimShield Limited Powerlines "I like the silhouette. The graphic isn't too literal."

Personal Style Post hardcore, a grown up punk rocker

Currently Listening to "Hideout" by Film School (Funny, because Arian makes films)

Favorite Food Pizza and PBR, or Pho

La guerre des Post-it (the Post-it Wars) is a battle for the most creative, most ridiculous, most involved pixelated image made entirely out of Post-its. The competition began just east of Paris, with office buildings covered in paper masterpieces. Leaving us to believe, that when it comes to office fun, The French know what’s up. Now, excuse us. We’ve got empty windows to tend to. 

Talk about nostalgia. It’s hard not to get a little misty while looking at these images. We all have those places that take us back to a specific moment in time. A swing, a couch, a parking lot, the house we grew up in. Dear Photograph proves there is something special about witnessing a stranger’s experience through pictures. The common thread being the emotion that comes along with physical evidence that we lived, danced, played in a world that is ever changing. Come on, all together now, “Awwwwwwww.”

Perhaps the best part about Halloween, is witnessing extraordinary characters doing ordinary things. Like, Spiderman pumping gas, or Elmo ordering his morning half-caff-no sugar-Mocha Latte. 

That’s why, we are hosting a Spooktacular Costume Contest! Simply post a photo of your costume to our Facebook page, and the Top 5 with the most “Likes” will receive a free case! Dogs and babies are not only welcomed, but encouraged. (We’re suckers for cuteness.) Happy Halloween! 

We drove an hour outside of Los Angeles, just for delicious beer. It was worth it. Walking into The Bruery Provisions store in Orange, CA was like walking into the best kitchen in America, which is fitting considering the brewery was born out of a kitchen. Patrick Rue began home brewing during law school, and decided to leave law behind for craft beer. Boy, are we glad that he did. 

Sure, you’ve had pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, and probably even pumpkin bagels. But we bet you’ve never had a Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate, have ya? As the weather cools down, and the holidays rush up, this tasty treat is just what the doctor ordered. 

So, this guy taped some lettuce together, punched holes in it, and made music. Next time you’re cleaning out your fridge, think twice. Last week’s Romaine could become this week’s opus. 

Check him out, with his lettuce, playing Radiohead “Paranoid Android”.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. London based artist Nick Gentry revitalizes outdated media formats with his paintings. Using floppy discs, VHS tapes, polaroids, and cassette tapes as his canvas, Nick’s art comments on waste cultures, life cycles, and identity. His portraits have a spirit of their own, with stories trapped within the canvas. 

RoomRoom by Takeshi Hosaka architects, was designed for a deaf couple and their children. The addition to their main house, allows the family to communicate through the walls, roof, and floors. They remain visually connected throughout the house by 200 mm squares. The little ones can get their parents attention by dropping toys through the holes, or use sign language between the walls. Great design keeping a family connected. Now that’s magic...and a lot of window washing.  

Drumroll, please...Presenting 18 Plays: Fall 2011! Throw on your cardigan, brew some tea, and enjoy our fall inspired playlist. Listen here

1 Last Leaf - OK Go

2 Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car - Iron And Wine

3 Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo