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Holiday shopping is made easy this year, with our virtual Gift Guide. Find the perfect iPhone case for your loved ones...Because we all have enough socks.

It took 5 A’Shop artists, 16 days, and 500 cans of paint to create this gigantic graffitied Mother Nature-esque Madonna. The 5 story, Alphonse Mucha inspired mural makes for a stunning stand out among the buildings of Montreal. 

We're offering the best of both worlds this Cyber Monday, with our two for the price of one sale! From 2pm-4pm PST, get our silicone White ForceShield, along with a hard plastic SlimShield in Hollyhock or Royal Blue! 


This Thanksgiving, we are most thankful for you, our customers. We'd like to show our gratitude by offering 40% off all orders placed on our site from Nov 24th thru 27th!

We're also thankful for...



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California sunshine



Percolator, electric drip, or French press? There are many choices when it comes to brewing coffee. The folks at Intelligentsia seem to think the Chemex Brewer is tops, so they made this instructional video to show us how it’s done. Music for the video is by the "astounding circus punk marching band", Mucca Pazza


Drumroll, please...Presenting 18 Plays: Fall 2011! Throw on your cardigan, brew some tea, and enjoy our fall inspired playlist. Listen here

1 Last Leaf - OK Go

2 Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car - Iron And Wine

3 Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo

RoomRoom by Takeshi Hosaka architects, was designed for a deaf couple and their children. The addition to their main house, allows the family to communicate through the walls, roof, and floors. They remain visually connected throughout the house by 200 mm squares. The little ones can get their parents attention by dropping toys through the holes, or use sign language between the walls. Great design keeping a family connected. Now that’s magic...and a lot of window washing.  

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. London based artist Nick Gentry revitalizes outdated media formats with his paintings. Using floppy discs, VHS tapes, polaroids, and cassette tapes as his canvas, Nick’s art comments on waste cultures, life cycles, and identity. His portraits have a spirit of their own, with stories trapped within the canvas. 

So, this guy taped some lettuce together, punched holes in it, and made music. Next time you’re cleaning out your fridge, think twice. Last week’s Romaine could become this week’s opus. 

Check him out, with his lettuce, playing Radiohead “Paranoid Android”.

Sure, you’ve had pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, and probably even pumpkin bagels. But we bet you’ve never had a Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate, have ya? As the weather cools down, and the holidays rush up, this tasty treat is just what the doctor ordered.